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life still rolling

I should write more often, i know, just the words doesn't come out of my mind.
Today I'll speak about an important think that I have to decide, and maybe write it may help.
Since i was 9 wanted to enroll the navy, that is being the mainstay of my live for a long time. It was the only think that makes my wake up in the morning.
But for 2 years I've been procrastinating it and I dont know what does it means. Meanwhile I've descovered a really nice world, the leather crafting world.
But then a lot of questions comes to my mind, I really like crafting leather, I really want to go to the navy, but what to do... who knows.
I hope this months hear helps me to decide.

this is something that i made
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Good bye.

My dear Family- Thank you! You are in my heart, and now it is full of love and kindness.
My future volunteer, I wish you only one thing- sleep well because when you wake up and come to the organisation it will make you happy-happy!
Jana Tint 29.11.2019

Sick in my bed

While I am sick for some day that I don’t know how long, but here I am in the bed and I realized one thing. I remember one day last week I helped Martina to color with users, and one second I stoped the time, and I see how wonderful that I am here, how important to be here, people around you accepts you like you are, how you are. And I am myself, and it is awesome! I am so happy to be here, to open myself to people, and every person is different but the love unites everyone. Thank you that I am here.



Today we took a free day in the organisation. We went to Giulio park and to the sea. Also, we tried Chinese food in Felice restaurant, the food is good and the prices also. Now I am home. Today I had a little panic, maybe im tired. But Irina quickly reacted and we went home. Its I think reaction on my medicine and maybe I'm tired. Actually, I am. Its almost 2 weeks and I will go home. But no worrie its ok, can happen with everyone. When panic starts, breath deep: in and out. And take a rest at your bed, call to person you love and he/she makes you calm.

Today it was very rainy in the morning and after it was so beautiful at the sea, differet colors. I love to be near the sea, its calming me down. Thank you Irina, that we went, because i felt in the morning sick of my throught and was very tired, but she took me and we went to walk. Sea. So now i go to warm shower and sleep and ready for next days, i tell you after what we did tomorrow. Big hug,

Changing weather

Rainy days but sunny atmosphere

Hello dear volunteers I am happy to say that I feel good. I still hear voice in my head, but I try to concentrate on my work. Every day I feel different, sometimes it is very hard but most time for now I am strong. Today no Italian lessons, I bought a diary john lemon J to write new Italian phrases. I want to speak just for little bit in Italian, I will be very happy to understand what about users speak. Tomorrow is our lesson, we going to do some stuff from toilet paper J It is so funny how many ideas we have from recycle things.
Sergio now sit and try to do kubik rublik, it is pissed me off, it is so hard, I wished him luck and patience. My mother is very proud of me, every day we speak about everything, and she told a lot of stuff, I hear, but do by myself. I’m happy to hear her. 
It is three weeks before to go home, I am tired but I love to hug everyone, I have a little time. You know sometimes, i'm so tired so I sit with user and do everything by myself but it is incorrect, I s…

Jana and Irina: November

Hello! My name is Irina and came from Tallinn, Estonia. This is my third time in Palermo and in Uniamoci Onlus organization.I have been here before during the small projects held by the Erasmus plus and this time I will stay here for a whole November to support Jana and other users of organization. I’m really happy to be here and to see how the things change and how many work is done since my last visit. The place, where is the organization, is changed a lot: here arenew paintings and small interior details. The interior of the place looks reallybeautiful, cosy and colorful, especially the floor. But the best thing is that the people are still the same – friendly, beautiful, always ready to help and with open hearts and minds. You know that no matter what, you can always rely on them and have support in any kind of situations. This is truly precious!
Hello again, I’m happy to say, that my friend Irina came to organization, and Katerina very sad but she went home, but its good, she real…