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Sergio, il volontario spagnolo che è stato con noi da Ottobre 2019 a Marzo 2020, ha creato un video-reportage della sua esperienza come volontario del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà presso Uniamoci Onlus, a Palermo. Sei mesi ... in 8 intensi minuti: buona visione!

Di seguito invece una descrizione delle attività che Sergio ha scelto di svolgere come suo progetto personale:

"My first role in the association was, basically, to find my space. Meet users, understand their concerns and learn the basics of Italian. During the first 2/3 weeks I was, mostly, tacking part of the meetings of European projects, helping in the arts activities organized by other volunteers and office work, which was to write a blog, attend online Italian lessons and write some document. Later, Carlo asked for my collaboration in his History and Geography activity in which I was looking for photos, maps and graphic information to complement his classes and help him during the presentations. At the same time, I also assi…
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Arrivederci Sergio!

Caro Sergio,
la nostra avventura insieme è iniziata ad Ottobre 2019 e... abbiamo fatto tante, tante cose insieme!  Purtroppo ad un tratto è arrivato il terribile Coronavirus con la sua quarantena che ci ha costretti ognuno a casa sua e tu in Spagna dalla tua famiglia. Ci hai salutati in diretta facebook (durante il tuo corso di lingua e storia spagnola) con la promessa che saresti tornato e noi ti aspettiamo a braccia aperte :) anche perchè non abbiamo potuto salutarti con tutto l'affetto che proviamo per te e non abbiamo avuto modo di dirti la cosa più importante: GRAZIE

Associazione Uniamoci Onlus


Hello everyone! Its been a few months really busy around here, all the preparation for the carnival, european projects etc...
Carnival preparations were really dynamic and funny, we made two wheels next to the guys from the orestano's school. Two biiiiig wheels like sicilians carriages.
Also a barrel, its was hard to do really, Im not really skilled with this deco stuff nither to the art so I had to gave all from myself with it.
Three or for oranges, several lemons, four canoli.... The associaton symbol (two puzzle pieces) and we finished!
But we still had to make our costumes so, with the helpful hands of the EDUCOM people, we painted puzzel pieces for everyone. Each of them were different.
Then the carnival, funny, interesting, and tired! So much dance, singing, laughing, walking...
playing with confetti and foam. Great time despite the damm coronavirus.


Here we go again!

I hope all you had a great Christmas time. I had such an interesting holidays:

Elena, my mentor, invited me to have dinner with her family at christmas eve. The night was truly great, we play cucu and tombola, we ate a lot, we laught a lot... They gave me even a present! A beautiful skarp.

Next day, Vincenzo invited me to have lunch at Piana degli Albanesi also with his family. I like to spend time with him, he is really nice and I enjoy speaking with him so much. His family was warm and open, there was a little baby that was running around, laughin and screaming! He was really funny. There i met the most beautiful girl that ive ever seen, but I'm really shy and i coudn't say nothing to her. Life is life.

On 26th my mother cames to visit me. We walked around the city, we visited the cathedral, the orto-botanic, and so on...
Also we went to vincenzo's house to have dinner, and to Flaviana's house to a party!
On 1th of jaunary we travelled to Cefalu.


So sooo Christmas time!
I have to say that I'm not a fan of this period of the year, it remember me some bad moments, also the best moments that I had and I know they will not come again. This makes me feel really sad, I only want to be alone, in my safe space, without anyone saying me that I should be happy becouse christmas is about joyness and family.
Well, taking a part this side of the story, HOLYDAYS!
I'm really lookig forward it, time to realx, to disconect. My mother is comming to Palermo and I'm preparing a tour for her. And the 2th of January I'm travelling to Russia!
I wish to all of you good christmas time!

life still rolling

I should write more often, i know, just the words doesn't come out of my mind.
Today I'll speak about an important think that I have to decide, and maybe write it may help.
Since i was 9 wanted to enroll the navy, that is being the mainstay of my live for a long time. It was the only think that makes my wake up in the morning.
But for 2 years I've been procrastinating it and I dont know what does it means. Meanwhile I've descovered a really nice world, the leather crafting world.
But then a lot of questions comes to my mind, I really like crafting leather, I really want to go to the navy, but what to do... who knows.
I hope this months hear helps me to decide.

this is something that i made

Good bye.

My dear Family- Thank you! You are in my heart, and now it is full of love and kindness.
My future volunteer, I wish you only one thing- sleep well because when you wake up and come to the organisation it will make you happy-happy!
Jana Tint 29.11.2019